I’m always impressed with how much the universe speaks to me. I had a couple shoots scheduled for this weekend, one canceled and the other got moved back. I was disappointed at first but then I got sick a few days before Friday. Getting sick puts my business and time with my family on the back burner. I end up quarantined in my own bedroom for days and I have an extreme case of FOMO while binge watching Netflix series. But when I say the universe is trying to tell me something it’s this:

Things will unexpectedly go the opposite as planned and sometimes it’s discouraging, but the best way to react is to act. Don’t get down in the dumps, take it as a sign that your body and mind needs pampering. I’ve been planning and traveling so much lately that my body is ready to just relax and take a break for once. It’s been nice to just sit and write and get sessions up on my website. Now that I’ve had a few days to take care of myself, I’m getting really excited for my double header wedding weekend that’s ahead! I get so caught up in wanting to always create things and stay up to date on my site and sharing on social media to stay current. But my health and wellbeing is more important.

I’m just babbling about life lately and I just wanted to let you in on how busy can be good but it can also be bad. Keeping it real always. Here’s a beautiful set of images from my time with Cam at Oxbow. She had a beautiful baby girl and I am so happy we captured this season of maternity for her before she made her arrival. She looked amazing pregnant! Xo

TyAnna Howell