im a single mother of the coolest dude named pax

When I’m not photographing mothers or couples, I’m scouting locations with my one & only. Trust me I know what you’re thinking — does she fit our style? does she possess patience and a sense of humor to get our kid[s] to smile for one good shot? is she capable of getting them to listen to a complete stranger? I am the one for you. I’ve had lots of practice getting my son to smile genuinely and laugh at my terrible jokes. I can pull natural, happy and genuine emotion from your kids and from your partner.

I prefer to capture my clients as they are whether that’s visiting a favorite place, playing outside, dancing and twirling, or cuddles and tickles on a blanket. I love to think of my work as unposed and in the moment while also striving to capture the quiet and still moments. Every moment captured will be so real that you can feel that moment over & over again when you look back on your session.